So as well as performing at lots of different birthday parties and travelling around on-board, I go up and down the country visiting the holiday parks. Well the holiday park season has started now and I have been travelling all over the country.

One of my favourite shows so far was at Camber Sands Holiday Park. While I was doing some juggling, I heard a little girl from the audience shout “juggle a frying pan” My quick but somewhat poorly thought out response was “well if you had one I would juggle it…” So the very helpful entertainer at the park manage to find one back stage for me… helpful! He brought the frying pan on stage to rather a lot of laughter from the audience. But after a pretty big build up I managed to juggle it and 2 clubs.

It really was a great show the staff were brilliant and the audience were fun, so I got all packed up and headed off to my next show with a big smile.

Frying Pan Juggling Magic Magician children's entertainer braces Confused

The season has started “frying pan fun”
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