There are lots of great party ideas out there, covering food, games, and entertainment. Here I have included some of my favourite ideas, some twists on some of the classics, and some brand new ideas, to help your party off to a magical start.

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During my parties I like to keep all my games non elimination, which means we don’t have any losers. However, I have listed some games below which you can try out yourself that work fantastic for a group of children.

Musical bumps “with a twist”

When you play your classic musical bumps try adding some extra things they have to do before sitting down. For example, when the music stops everyone has to do a twist then sit down. Keep adding elements as you go i.e. sit down, stand up, twist then sit down. This makes it a lot more fun and it’s easier to see who is the fastest.

Pass the parcel XL

When you play pass the parcel trying making two or three parcels. And play them all at the same time this way there is a lot more going on and the children don’t have to wait as long for a turn, plus they may be able to get two prizes.

Character corners

Take four well know cuddley toy characters and place one in each 4 corners of the room. Play some music and have the children dance, when the music stops everyone chooses a corner, you then select at “Random” a character and the children in that corner sit on the side to help be adjudicators. keep going until just one child is left and crowned the winner. The best part about this game is that it is very easy to customize to your party by simple choosing the toy characters and the music to fit your theme.character corners party game games Lilo and  Stitch Remy ratatouille Buttercup traffic cone Disney cuddle toys


 Party bags/party favours

Party bags are traditionally seen as a must for a children’s parties, but they can be expensive once you consider the time and money you put in. A great idea is to simple take a list of names and there presents and to send out a personal thank you card after the party, this is becoming much more popular now as it adds a nice personal touch.

If you do decided to make your own party bags try shopping is a local toy shop, it may be your instinct to try on-line, but small business owners are much more receptive to giving a discount on small number purchases, otherwise if you want party bags to help save you time and money of course we can provide them.

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