Face Painting

David is an experienced face painter whose focus is on quality and hygiene. He has been face painting for a number of years and has quickly developed a unique style. He regularly paints thousands of faces on-board and across Suffolk and surrounding areas, so he knows how to customize his faces for different events, occasions or a style to suit your personal taste. Below are some examples of his painting.

Why choose Abra Ca David as your face painter?

David is so much more than a face painter, he is always an entertainer first. When you book him to do some face painting at your event, you can be assured that the person having their face painted will have a fantastic experience, and walk away with more than just a beautiful piece of art temporarily on their face; they will go away with a permanent memory of having a fun experience.

  • Top quality artwork
  • Clean and hygienic working practice
  • 3-6 minutes per face (on average)
  • Fun and Friendly